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5 health benefits of surfing

Read about the 5 benefits of surfing and why it's important to jump in the water !

Thomas la fonta surfing
Thomas la Fonta, surf instructor at l'école de la glisse

Every year, more and more people start surfing. As a trend or real passion for the sport, whatever your reason to start surfing, you'll be quickly hooked on the feelings and benefits surfing brings !

1 - Maintain a good physical condition

When we start surfing we face several physical challenges: going to the lineup, paddling hard to catch a wave, falling into the water, going back out to sea etc.

Knowing that the sessions last between one and two hours most of the time, it activates the famous neurobiological circuit of the reward, which provides a feeling of well-being.

2 - Surfing strengthens and strengthens the entire upper body

Paddling to position yourself well before taking a wave. And we paddle "as if our lives depended on it" before standing up on the board, at the time of the take-off.

By putting so much effort into the shoulder and back muscles, in an almost symmetrical way, the abdominal strap and pectoral muscles are exercised.

Improvement of the musculature: the benefits of readjusting the posture through practice

3 - Psychological well-being: we clear our heads

It's impossible to surf while thinking about something else. Surfing invites you to focus on what you are doing right now: watching the swell, choosing your wave, taking it well and surfing it well.

In addition, we live in a very refined natural environment: the sea, a flat surface in perpetual undulation, which extends as far as the eye can see. A healthy environment, which helps to create calm.

After a surf session we are not only physically emptied, we have also cleared our minds

4 - Surfing is an excellent way to relieve stress

Ah, stress - the disease of the century! So many of us work, work, work, work, work and forget to disconnect, relax and do things that give us pleasure. We believe that surfing is one of the most enjoyable pastimes in the world, and it is also an excellent way to relieve stress. If you don't believe us, face the waves after a hard day at work and tell us how you feel about it after

5 - Cardiovascular health

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide? People around the world need to take better care of their hearts and the first step is to do more cardiovascular exercise. In addition to a healthy diet and quitting smoking, cardio is the best way to keep your heart healthy! Surfing is an excellent example of cardio, especially because it leads to constant paddling! Do your heart a favor and surf !

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