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10 surf spots to surf in Basque Country

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Basque country offers good and decent waves all year round but you need to find the right spots according to your level. Waves or not always the same from year to year because of the changing beach break conditions.

Thomas la Fonta surfing in bidart
Thomas la Fonta, surf instructor at l'école de la glisse, barreling at home !

All the tips we can tell you concerning the tides are changing all the time, so better ask us directly at the school and we will tell you where to surf during your stay in bask country !

Don't over check the surfing conditions here ! Sometimes, the time you put the wetsuit on, the waves get mellow !

1- The spot of Erretegia, Bidart

Located on a place protected by the law of the coast, Erretegia remains one of the least busy and most beautiful spots both with its vegetation and cliffs. Powerful Beachbreak with a lot of current, this spot offers beautiful surf sessions.

Access which remains relatively difficult and long to the beach.

Right bellow, a surfing video at Erretegia.

2- La grande plage, Biarritz

This spot located in the middle of the city, it works at mid-tide (rising or falling). When the tide is completely high the wave breaks in beachbreak and becomes unsurfable.

Tips: go there out of season

3- Lafiténia, Saint-Jean de Luz

This spot works all the time except at high tide. To know if the spot works, it is necessary to make sure that the period between the waves is long enough! When it's big the spot is full of experienced surfers!

4- Parlementia, Guethary

This is the spot of big waves on the Basque coast. A straight line unrolls over a shallow bottom. A lot of current, a lot of waiting between the series, 20 minutes of rowing to reach the peak. This spot is very demanding and recommended for experienced surfers.

5- La Madrague, Anglet

This spot is a very nice beachbreak but can be overcrowded. Nevertheless, when there is little swell, it is the ideal place to catch a few waves. Here we surf on sand at high tide.

6- La grande plage, Hendaye

When the swell is really big, there is only one solution left, to go to the withdrawal spot of Hendaye. Be careful, as everywhere, the spot does not work at high tide and at low tide the size of the waves tends to decrease at low tide. The swell disappears completely at low tide.

The advantage of this beach is that it is very large and it has many peaks.

This spot is also ideal to start surfing!

7- Les Cavaliers, Anglet

One of the local people's favorite waves, and also one of the most famous. Tom Curren is a regular visitor of this spot. On the program, two tubular waves, a right one that starts along the jetty and a peak that goes right and left just in front of the first aid station. This spot hosts competitions such as the "Billabong pro Anglet Mundaka" and the "O'Neil surf challenge".

8- Ilbarritz

The only drawback of this spot is its parking, which is relatively far from the beach. The spot does not work at high tide. On the other hand the spot is very nice and it takes well the swell.

Right and left that unfold on sand.

9- VVF, Anglet

This Spot is located just in front of a holiday village, hence the eponymous name given to this spot.

A left unrolls along the cliff. A little further north you will find peaks that go right and left.

Note that the surroundings to surf are really nice!

10- La côte des basque, Biarritz

A great place to surf which is located south of La Grande Plage. This place is popular for locals and "too easy" to access. Be careful when it is big and at high tide the exit of the water can be tricky. Therefore, use the ladders along the dike to get out of the water.

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